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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Slot Demo Review: Play. Background, RTP and volatility

Ancient Egypt has a unique position in popular culture. It has often been portrayed in literature, graphic books, expensive films, and cartoons. It also has a lot of popularity in internet gambling. Numerous slots have Egyptian motifs. Due to this, on February 28, 2018, Pragmatic Play released its own video slot with the subject of Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt offers stunning visuals, fun gameplay, and the potential to earn prizes that could turn you into a millionaire. You will learn more about the characteristics of Ancient Egypt as well as how and where to perform it.

Theme: Old Egypt

What the primary theme of the game is is obvious from the title. Egyptian house pillars with hieroglyphic decorations can be seen in the distance. Below the grid, one can see the altar flames and gold coin dunes. A gilded frame with scarab beetles painted on it surrounds the grid itself. The pattern features a wide range of hues, with gold appearing most frequently.

Players who pay close attention will detect echoes of 50 Cent’s 2005 hit single “Candy Shop” despite the soundtrack having a traditional Middle Eastern flavor. Middle Eastern music, however, had an impact on the song itself.

You are instantly in the right state of mind thanks to the upbeat music. The opening of another song that plays as the reels revolve is the same as the song “One Night in Bangkok,” which became a hit in 1984. If the music irritates you, you can disable it by selecting the sound icon.

Even though they are inscribed with hieroglyphs, pharaonic faces, or other symbols like the Eye of Horus, the standard poker emblems blend in well. However, they continue to be the least lucrative emblems in the game. When the Eye of Horus or the Ankh Cross symbols line up, you can earn decent rewards. When you get five Anubis symbols, you’ve won. And Cleopatra, who strikingly resembles Elizabeth Taylor in the main role, is the highest-paying regular symbol.

A Gold Scarab Beetle is a special sign with multiple uses. It can be used as both a scatter and wild symbol. It substitutes for all other symbols, assisting you in forming winning combos. Additionally, a matching collection of beetles will trigger one of the bonus features and quadruple your winnings.

RTP and Change in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is a high volatility game with an RTP of 96.13%.

The majority of online slots have RTPs between 96% and 98%. The return-to-player percentage for Ancient Egypt is 96.13%, which is excellent. But bear in mind that due to the slot’s high level of volatility, dead spins occur quite frequently. The equilibrium in the slot is perfect. The chance of losing money is comparatively low, and it promotes engaging gaming.

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Max Win of ancient Egypt

The maximum payoff on the Ancient Egypt slot machine is 5,511 times the stake. 5,511 times the stake is the slot machine’s most generous highest payout. There are two methods to get there: by repeatedly opening the treasure box with cash rewards. Here, it’s important to bear in mind that winning amounts are inversely proportional to the size of the wager. You can earn a total of €551.10 if you wager the minimum of €0.10. However, if you decide to wager the maximum of €50, you could earn $275,550.

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Ancient Egyptian Gaming Machine

Playing such a difficult slot machine without any prior planning is comparable to climbing a tower without first understanding how the site is laid out. In other words, playing a slot machine for real money right away without trying it out in a free mode can drastically cut into your gaming budget.

Every feature in the full-priced version of the Ancient Egypt slot game is included in the demo, so you can get a clear idea of what to anticipate. Ancient Egypt’s demo slot edition is available right now.

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