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What is Slot Volatility

What is Slot Volatility? 5 Types Will Help You Understand The Game

Ho ho slot fans! Have you understood what is slot volatility actually? Well,The terms volatility and variance both refer to three aspects of an online slots game: the frequency of payouts, the amount paid out, and the game’s risk level. 

On this page, you can search for slots based on their volatility to see which one best suits your playing style.

What is Slot Volatility Actually?

Volatility and variance are terms that describe the frequency of payouts, the amount paid out, and the level of risk involved in an online slot game. Simply put, volatility determines whether the slot machine you want to play is a high, medium, or low-risk game.

The volatility (or variance) metrics will help you select the best slots for you and give you a better idea of how much you will win or lose while trying to play slots.

If you have a limited budget, you’ll want to play slots that have fewer risks and allow you to play for longer periods of time by collecting small but frequent wins.

However, if you enjoy taking chances and have a larger budget, you’ll want to play medium to high volatility slots, which can yield large payouts but do so less frequently.

The Category of Volatility

We’ve listed 5 slot volatility categories below to help you understand the ups and downs of slot volatility.

1. The High Volatility

Playing high-variance slots has a lot of advantages, especially if you enjoy taking risks. It’s possible that there will be fewer payouts, and you may even go without winning, but when you do, the rewards are usually well worth the wait.

Consider slots like Dead or Alive, Book of Dead, or Immortal Romance, which have a high variance. Despite the fact that they are developed by different companies, they all have one thing in common that attracts risk-takers: high volatility.

These slots are not for the faint of heart, and we’re not talking about the slot themes here. Not only are they highly volatile, but they also have a satisfying RTP of more than 96 percent, indicating fair and exciting gameplay.

2. The Medium High Volatility

A particularly popular subcategory is the medium-high volatility slot group. These slots are more akin to high variance slots than medium volatility slots because of the large value wins and relatively high win frequency.

Check out Gonzo’s Quest, King Kong Fury, and Finn’s Golden Tavern if you’re looking for some of the most popular medium-high volatility slots. 

In addition, these games are still quite frustrating to play, despite having a lower variance than the legendary 300 Shields or Book of Ra Magic. However, that’s part of the appeal of medium-high variance slots: they offer highly anticipated payouts.

3. The Medium Volatility

This is most likely the most popular variance slot category among players. It’s mostly because medium variance slots combine the best features of both high and low volatility slots.

When compared to high volatility slots, they offer smaller but more frequent payouts. Unlike low variance slots, medium variance games have a much higher payout value. You also have a wide range of bonus features to enjoy, which is great news if you enjoy playing slots for fun but want to win some money.

4. The Low-Medium Volatility

Low-medium volatility slots are less risky than medium volatility slots, with lower-value win combinations and more frequent payouts. This isn’t to say that these types of slots aren’t entertaining. With these types of slots, you can have a long and enjoyable gaming session if you plan ahead.

The 1024 ways to win on the IGT Crown of Egypt, for example, is a great example of a low-to-medium volatility slot. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed slot game that requires careful budgeting to hit those bigger wins, as one would expect from a low to medium variance slot game.

5. Low Volatility

Low variance slots, in contrast to high volatility slots, offer lower payouts but at a faster rate. As a result, when playing classic slots like Starburst, Big Bad Wolf, and Blood Suckers 2, you can expect a slew of low-value winning combinations every five to ten spins on average. This is why these slots are so popular among beginners.

While larger wins are uncommon, they are not unheard of; however, they will never match the value of high variance slots. Low variance slots, on the other hand, are fast-paced and exciting, just like the frequency of their payouts. They also have their own loyal audience because they are lower-risk slots.

Now, you already understand what is slot volatility. You can try some exciting games like Fruitoids slot to get more understanding about volatility.