games · January 1, 2022

Gambling Makes Poor You, Why?

Gambling Makes Poor You, Why?

Gambling is not something new to the public, especially gambling enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Indonesian people have known gambling for a long time.

They enjoy the fun without realizing that one of the bad effects for the players is that gambling makes poor them and miserable. Of course, this is not the only bad effect of gambling.

Actually, there are still a lot of bad effects caused by playing too much gambling other than gambling makes poor you or anyone who play it.

Among them are making a person’s life can be destroyed, can make depression, and gambling is also able to cause a very large debt for those who lose from gambling.

Someone who gambles or comes into contact with gambling is someone who is at a loss, this is because gambling does not cause any positive impact at all but only causes many negative impacts.

Gambling is not only widely circulated in Indonesia, but gambling is also widely circulated throughout the world.

And gambling is also prohibited from activities or circulation not only in Indonesia, but almost all countries in the world forbid their citizens to gamble or approach gambling.

And also of course those who gamble and approach gambling will be punished with severe legal threats because they have violated applicable laws.

Gambling in Indonesia is not only admired by those who are already adults, but also admired by those who are still students. Many of the students are already gambling rather than mastering the lessons that are already their responsibility. They never realize that gambling makes poor them and brings a lot of suffer. 

There are many kinds of offline gambling and online gambling. But online gambling is the easiest one to do, because with online gambling, gamblers don’t need to meet to make associations, for example slot online.

The betting system that is presented is also very easy with just a deposit system. There are currently 2 types of deposits in online gambling, namely bank transfer deposits and credit deposits without deductions.


Gambling makes poor and financially established economies fall apart. This is because the gambling that is mostly played by the community is a betting game in which the winner takes the property of the loser.

This is a problem where the losing party sometimes experiences a loss that is far greater than the victory they get. As we know there is no one who owns an online gambling site who wants to experience a loss. Once I told, gambling is a big business for the site owner.

Therefore, it is far from gambling now and never you think that someone can get wealth and money in an easy way. Because it’s not wealth, but someone who gambles will get poverty

Many people’s lives are destroyed because of gambling ranging from the economic field, family and so on. So stay away from gambling so that your life will be much brighter in the future, cut ties with friends who are still struggling in the gambling.

They broke their friendship. The second way to you to stop gambling addiction is you can ask for advice from your family because only family that can prevent the bad effects of gambling including this: gambling makes poor.