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Lucky Mermaid Slot Demo

Our Lucky Mermaid Slot Demo Machine Review

The Lucky Mermaid Slot Demo is a 5 reel, 3 row, underwater grid with 10 paylines. It features fish, turtles, a mermaid who acts as Wild, and letters. In the game, try to form the word MULTI and you will trigger additional rounds during which it is possible to multiply your winnings by 150 points. The probable maximum gain is equal to 750 times the initial bet.

Lucky Mermaid Slot Demo: Take A Ride Under The Sea

Transferred to the beach, in the sea, like Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Pop Slot, to live a unique underwater experience. Inside the waters, below the horizon bar, Lucky Mermaid takes you to the depths of the ocean in an attempt to find the buried treasure. 

The water from Lucky Mermaid Slot Demo is translucent, and recalls the eternal questioning about the origin of the blue color of this marine liquid. Look up, and it’s the sky of fish, beautiful patterns created by the combination of waves, light, and water. Basically, it’s pretty quiet. One can only notice the small bubbles trying to rise to the surface. Just behind the game board, Swintt added coral in a light brown color, which harmoniously fits into the overall picture.

The game board is all blue, as if it is concentrated in a single frame, all the variations of blue that the slot machine in general contains. From time to time, you can admire the one who probably officiates as the star of the slot. It is a blonde woman. 

The thin lips, the greedy face, and the eyes elsewhere; it must be to her that the slot alludes in the title related to the mermaid. This mermaid lady acts as Wild. She is accompanied in the grid by a turtle, red fish, blue fish. On the other side, there are the classic slot symbols namely, A, J, Q, K, designed in a dynamic and urban style. Also, don’t be surprised to see some letters fall on the grid.

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Single and Extra Spins in Slot Games

Lucky Mermaid Slot Demo is a 5 reel, 3 row slot machine with 10 paylines. This game is something more like Mighty Hat Lamp of Gold Slot. The payout rate varies, oscillating between 85.25%, 90.10%, 92.04%, and 95.05%, depending on the circumstances of the game. Anyone can face the Lucky Mermaid, by inserting an amount included between 0.05 and 100 euros per round. Once this condition is fulfilled, the field is free to try to achieve the probable maximum gain which is 750 times the initial bet.

The first revenue-generating feature of this game is the Pearl feature. When this is triggered, Lucky Mermaid Slot Demo offers you 3 automatically renewed rounds, during which you will have to collect pearls. Each pearl offers a prize whose amount is between 1 and 150 times the initial bet. In addition, there are multiplication beads, and each new bead resets the spin count. To trigger this feature, you must spawn the word M-U-L-T-I, from the letter-symbols in the grid. These letters can act as the Wild.As a review of the Gemmer Slot, The Lucky Mermaid Slot Demo that also acts as Wild in this game can substitute for any symbol in the game to complete a winning combination. Also, it can remain glued to the grid, allowing you to make several winning combinations in a row.