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Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd

Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd : 5 Top Slot Games to Play in 2021

It takes something special to break through in a market that has become dominated by a small number of companies. That’s exactly what’s happened at Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd in recent years, with the small development studio rising through the ranks to produce some of the most impressive slot games ever released.

It has put together a package that is winning fans among players and industry experts alike, with stunning graphics worthy of a Hollywood animation blockbuster, intelligent game features that go far beyond the standard slots structure, and strong game basics like RTP and jackpots.

The Top Games from Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd

These games are popular from the developer among the players. You can also play them and win a big amount of money. 

1. Jungle Books

Jungle Book Slot

Jungle Books is simply one of the best slots to have been made in recent years, based on the Rudyard Kipling classic and styled in a similar way to the various animated films of the story. The game’s graphics are stunning, and each character is excellently drawn. 

As the game progresses through different realms, the game reels shift, and different characters introduce their own bonus features and extras. This keeps the game feeling fresh even after hundreds of spins, and is undoubtedly one of the reasons why so many slot players keep returning for more.

2. Beauty and The Beast

Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd : 5 Top Slot Games to Play in 2021
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Another classic story that has been adapted in the same way as the Jungle Books. It looks fantastic, and with the recent blockbuster remake of Beauty and the Beast, it seems like the right time for this slot to take off. 

The servant bonuses are based on three different characters, and you can often choose one or more of them to appear on the reels at any given time. This is a strong slot with decent win potential deeper quality – the best of both worlds.

3. Spina Colada

Spina Colada Slot

Spina Colada is a completely different game than the others, and it proves that Yggdrasil can do the basics well without relying on a complex storyline or animations. That isn’t to say Spina Colada isn’t a fantastic game; on the contrary, it is. 

It’s just that there isn’t the same level of complexity here; instead, you’ll find a solid slots game that does exactly what you want. There are four different bonus features in the game, and it has a 96.3 percent RTP, so there’s plenty of room for big wins.

4. Super Heroes

Super Heroes Slot
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Yggdrasil’s Super Heroes is a more original concept, but it incorporates the best elements of the Jungle Books and Beauty and the Beast, as well as its own unique features. 

As part of an epic battle between good and evil, various superheroes appear throughout the game to fight it out while also helping you with the reels. 

Extra wilds, up to 50x instant wins, and free spin bonuses are all available thanks to the super hero features, which can help you build a clear blue sky with your bankroll. There’s also a good-sized jackpot here – 1,000x.

5. Vikings Go Wild

Vikings Go Wild Slot
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Vikings Go Wild is a Norse-themed slot, similar to some of the other hugely popular slot games of this ilk. It was one of the game titles that put Yggdrasil on the map. 

Sticky wilds, free spin bonuses, and built-in multipliers give Vikings Go Wild its advantage, making it a standout among slot machines. 

The graphics and design are a little more basic than Yggdrasil’s most recent offerings, but they’re still stunning and a worthy competitor to other games in the genre.

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