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4 Best Games With The Highest Online Slot RTP 2021

One of the most important pieces of information about a casino game for experienced slots players is its online slot RTP. The Return to Player value can assist players in predicting how much money they can expect to lose when playing a specific game.

Consider RTP to be a reverse’ House Edge. Take, for example, your favorite slot, Starburst. 

The RTP for Starburst is 96.1 percent, according to NetEnt. Using our previous analogy, this extends to a 3.9 percent ‘house edge.’ In theory, this means that players will receive 96.1 percent of their wager back.

Of course, this does not guarantee that a player will win $96.10 for every $100 wagered on Starburst. This is where the term “theoretically” comes into play. Isn’t there no point in gambling if you know what you’re getting into?.

Online Slot RTP is Calculated Over The Long-Term

Online Slot RTP is Calculated Over The Long-Term
Source: Review Fix

RTP is calculated over a long period of time rather than per wager. So, on a $10 bet, a player could walk away with an $80 profit or a bankroll that is completely depleted. Because of their RNG technology, slot games are completely random, but the Return to Player value provides a helpful indication.

So, what do high RTP slots involve? That’s a bit of an arbitrary number that varies depending on who you ask.

  • Anything with an RTP of 98 percent or higher is considered high
  • Anything between 95 and 97.99 percent is considered a mid-range or average RTP
  • RTP values of less than 94.99 percent are considered low

The Highest RTP Online Slots

These are some games which have the highest RTP in online slot machines. You can try them and see how they work. 

1. Ugga Bugga Slot

Online Slot RTP - Ugga Bugga Slot
Source: Netent Casino

The RTP is 99.07 percent. Ugga Bugga, a 2006 Playtech slot, transports us to the jungle.

Tropical fruits, tribal masks, and bongos abound on this unusual slot, which features 10 rows of three reels each, split into two groups. There are ten paylines and each reel spins independently of the others.

It has a low volatility, and the Wild symbol is the only real bonus feature, but thanks to its unique layout and high RTP, we keep coming back for more.

2. Rainbow Riches Pick Slot

Online Slot RTP - Rainbow Riches Pick
Source: The Fire Wire

Up to 98 percent RTP. This 2016 sequel to Rainbow Riches adds a slew of new bonus features that will appeal to fans of high-return-on-investment online slots. Because of the Big Bet feature, we’ve listed this one as ‘Up to 98 percent’ as you can see.

The Big Bet feature allows players to increase their wager while also triggering three bonus features, which are then applied to the next round of free spins. This is in addition to the coin wins, multipliers, and other bonuses available in Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix.

3. Mega Joker Slot

Mega Joker Slot
Source: NeonSlots

The RTP is 99 percent. Since its release in 2013, the Mega Joker slot from NetEnt has been a fan favorite thanks to its classic fruit machine style and progressive jackpot. 

Mega Joker is a simple slot machine with three reels, three rows, and five paylines, similar to the old slot machines it was influenced by.

This slot, however, has a lot more to it than meets the eye. It has a progressive jackpot in addition to a high RTP. If there’s one phrase that attracts players more than “high RTP,” it’s “progressive jackpot.”

4. Fruitoids Slot

Fruitoids Slot

The RTP for Fruitoids is 96.7 percent. It  is a 5-reel, 25-payline video slot powered by Yggdrasil Gaming software. This video slot is inspired by all of nature’s wonders. The reels are transparent and set against a green forest backdrop. 

There are seven symbols in this slot, each of which is a strange-looking fruit or plant. Try this unusual and beautiful slot for free here, or play for real money at Yggdrasil Gaming Casinos. You also can find this slot game at some popular Asian Casinos, just check them on Google using keywords such as game slot online terpercaya, Fruitoids slots free play, best online casino etc.

In the end, that is the definition and some highest online slot RTP that you can play to get money. Then, which one makes you interested to play first?.