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Mystic Wheel Slot Review

Mystic Wheel Slot Review: RTP 96.16% (Red Tiger)

You must be looking for the Mystic Wheel slot review. This game is distinctive enough to merit a look from players thanks to the addition of fantasy and a concentration on a Wheel of Fortune style mechanic that has been modified to this new design. 

One of many Red Tiger video slots that performs exceptionally well in this area, it is particularly noteworthy because it has significant potential.

A Brief of Mystic Wheel Slot Review

Mystic Wheel Slot Review

This game has only 30 active lines, which is fewer than I prefer to see for a setup with 5×4 reels spinning each round on such a huge space. A 10,000x jackpot, which translates to up to $100,000 in cash, might be yours if you manage to activate the Mystic Wheel feature.

1. Bet and Winnings

The entire area that you play on must be considered when choosing your wager for the game; individual lines are not given significant weight. Even though the slot machine has 30 active lines, players can place bets as low as $0.20 and as much as $10 every spin.

Mystic Wheel is a high-volatility game that makes a lot of promises, but there is really just one aspect of the game that will produce a significant amount. If you win the bonus game, you could receive up to 10,000 times your original wager, or $100,000 in cash. 

However, if you look at how much you may win from its typical winning combinations, those only pay at most 10x total stake each combination, or 300x total stake for a whole screen covered with Diamonds, which is why we emphasized the game’s extreme volatility.

RTP was reported at 96.16%, which is marginally above the average and a respectable result all around.

2. Game Features

Despite the fact that the game introduces some novel elements, a large portion of it will feel quite straightforward. Since wilds and free spins are absent, you shouldn’t anticipate using any of the game’s standard features.

There are two ways to use the Mystic Wheel, which is the main feature and the only one overall. One is by using a Wheel Activator, a kind of random bonus. You have a better chance of entering the bonus round with this one because it shakes the screen and adds scatter symbols to the reels.

However, the typical method involves scatters that naturally appear on the reels. A minimum of three and a maximum of five occurrences of the symbols are required. You initially earn up to five spins on the Wheel for each scatter that helps trigger this bonus. 

You can receive additional wheel spins, mystery awards, or even double all as part of the Wheel of Fortune-style bonus (doubles the win multipliers). 

When you consider that up to 77 spins of the Mystic Wheel are conceivable, it is easy to assume that this is the level where you can receive the largest payouts, up to 10,000x total stake.

3. Theme and Design

The game’s interior has a mystic link, which is mostly symbolized by the charmed rings that are displayed in the high symbols or by the golden Mystic Wheel that encircles the playing area. 

There are additional, less significant symbols with card suits, but even they are beautifully made. It won’t tell you a story, and Red Tiger has produced better games in the past, but it’s also obvious that this game is contemporary.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion of Mystic Wheel slot review, the game will give its users fantastic payoff potential, but due to its high volatility, you’re typically only going to get rewards of up to 300x your total bet since only the bonus feature may result in payouts of 10,000x. Do all your fun in situs slot gacor 2022 terpercaya.

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