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how to win on gas station slot machines

How To Win on Gas Station Slot Machines vs. Casino Slots

How To Win on Gas Station Slot Machines – In most states, slot machines are primarily found in casinos as they are not allowed to be placed everywhere. However, in recent times, some states have permitted the installation of slot machines in gas stations and convenience stores. 

This allows individuals to indulge in gambling while they are making quick stops to purchase snacks or refuel their vehicles. These gas station slot machines are also known as skill games and are a relatively new concept that you may not be familiar with if you have only played casino slots. 

This guide provides an overview of how these games function and whether they are worth trying out for those who are interested in playing gas station slot machines.

Basics of How to Win on Gas Station Slot Machines

Convenience store slots are similar to casino slot machines in most aspects. They have spinning reels and bonus rounds just like regular slots found in casinos. If you have prior experience playing casino slots, then you should have no problem getting started with these games. 

You insert cash to receive credits and hit the spin button to start playing. The objective is to align matching symbols in the best online slot payout to win prizes. Although gas station slots are similar to casino slots, they do have a unique twist to them – a skill element.

In contrast to casino slots, gas station slot machines require players to use their skills to some extent while playing. The skill-based factor may vary depending on the type of machine. 

Some slot games may require you to select a winning payline to collect your payout, while others offer complex bonuses such as memory games. In many jurisdictions, these slot machines must include a skill-based element to avoid being classified as pure gambling. Thus, they operate in a legal gray area.

How Casino Slot Machines Differ from Machines at Gas Stations

While convenience store slot machines may appear similar to casino slots, they do have notable differences that set them apart. In this article, we will take a more detailed look at the unique characteristics of gas station slots.

Skill Element

One of the key defining features of gas station slot machines is their requirement for players to utilize a skillful action during gameplay. This sets them apart from traditional slot machines found in casinos.

The Game Determines The Skill Level.

At its simplest level, gas station slot machines require players to manually choose winning paylines. Once the winning lines are selected, the relevant payouts are collected. However, these slots can also offer more complex skill-based bonuses. For example, players may be required to participate in activities such as driving a virtual race car, with the number of credits earned being determined by their performance in the activity.

Found at Convenience Stores

With gas stations in certain states now featuring slot machines, players no longer need to visit casinos to play real money slots. Given that the average state has a convenience store for every approximately 2,000 residents, it is likely that most people live within 1-3 miles of the nearest gas station. This means that if you live in a state where gas station slots are available, you can easily access these games, and may even be able to walk to play them.

Legal Grey Area

The legality of gas station slots varies based on the jurisdiction in which they are offered. Some states prohibit all forms of gambling, such as Utah, regardless of whether the slot machines require skill or not. In contrast, other states have legal loopholes that permit skill-based games to operate, which is where gas station slot machines are typically found. Additionally, most convenience stores do not need to obtain a gaming license like casinos do. Instead, they acquire games through licensing or purchasing agreements that allow them to offer gambling through legal loopholes.

Little Info Available on the Games

Gas station slot machines aren’t likely to feature popular games like IGT’s Megabucks or branded games such as Game of Thrones. Instead, you’ll typically find generic slots that aren’t well-known in the gaming industry.

Since these games aren’t famous, there isn’t a lot of information available on them. Unlike casino slot machines, you’re unlikely to find a payout percentage listed in the game’s help screens. However, very few casino slots offer RTP information either.

No Established VIP Programs

Convenience stores often provide loyalty programs that give customers discounts on gas and other merchandise. These programs reward you with points for every purchase you make. On the other hand, there are no structured VIP programs for gas station slots. 

You may receive points for playing, but you won’t receive traditional casino rewards such as complimentary drinks, meals, and transportation. In contrast, brick-and-mortar casinos have comprehensive loyalty programs that offer a variety of benefits, ranging from gourmet meals to hotel accommodations.

Jackpots Aren’t As Large

Convenience store slot machines do have jackpots, but they are not as big as the multimillion-dollar prizes offered at land-based and online casinos. While some of these games might allow you to win thousands of dollars, the largest jackpots are reserved for casinos. 

For instance, certain progressive slot machines found in casinos have top prizes worth millions of dollars, such as the online slot Aztec’s Millions, which currently features a jackpot of $4.4 million and this includes on How To Win on Gas Station Slot Machines.

Are The Slot Machines at Gas Stations as Pristine as Those in Casinos?

Prior to 2020, cleanliness How To Win on Gas Station Slot Machines was not a major concern, but it has become a more pressing issue. Although businesses are supposed to clean regularly, some may not be doing as much as others. While the gas stations where I have played slot machines have been reasonably clean, they do not match the level of cleanliness seen in casinos. This is a significant issue, as becoming ill from playing slots at a gas station is a real possibility.

The cleanliness of a slot machine is a concern for some people, myself included. It’s unpleasant to sit down at a machine that’s dirty and you don’t know who played on it before you or what germs might be left behind. This isn’t limited to gas station slots, as some small casinos also have issues with cleanliness. To address this, I started carrying cleaning wipes with me before 2020 and now make sure to bring them with me whenever I go to play slots.

Should You Play Slots at a Casino or Gas Station?

In a situation where time is not an issue, casinos would be the ideal choice for playing slots due to their vast selection of games, large jackpots, and extensive loyalty programs. You can indulge in luxurious comps while playing for jackpots that can reach up to seven figures. However, if convenience is your top priority, gas station slot machines are worth considering since they are easily accessible and may be located near your residence.

On the other hand, some states don’t allow slot machines in convenience stores. In such cases, you would have to visit a land-based or online casino to play. However, you can mix up your gaming experience by playing a little shop of horror slot machines online

Sometimes, you may feel like going on a grand casino trip and enjoying all the amenities that come with it. Other times, you might just want a quick session of slots without any complications. In this case, skill-based games are perfect. If convenient store slots are available in your state, you won’t have to travel far, saving both time and money.


Although casinos have been a top choice for slot enthusiasts for a long time, How To Win on Gas Station Slot Machines can serve as a great substitute to land-based casinos. These machines offer exciting games and don’t require as much travel as casinos. 

They also provide an opportunity to play different types of slots, as they often have a skill-based element that isn’t found in casino slots. However, not every state permits slot machines in convenience stores, as they prefer to keep gambling activities in online and land-based casinos. If your state allows skill-based games, you should give them a chance.

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