Ho ho slot fans! Have you understood what is slot volatility actually? Well,The terms volatility and variance both refer to three aspects of an online slots game: the frequency of payouts, the amount paid out, and the game’s risk level. 

On this page, you can search for slots based on their volatility to see which one best suits your playing style.

What is Slot Volatility Actually?

Volatility and variance are terms that describe the frequency of payouts, the amount paid out, and the level of risk involved in an online slot game. Simply put, volatility determines whether the slot machine you want to play is a high, medium, or low-risk game.

The volatility (or variance) metrics will help you select the best slots for you and give you a better idea of how much you will win or lose while trying to play slots.

If you have a limited budget, you’ll want to play slots that have fewer risks and allow you to play for longer periods of time by collecting small but frequent wins.

However, if you enjoy taking chances and have a larger budget, you’ll want to play medium to high volatility slots, which can yield large payouts but do so less frequently.

The Category of Volatility

We’ve listed 5 slot volatility categories below to help you understand the ups and downs of slot volatility.

1. The High Volatility

Playing high-variance slots has a lot of advantages, especially if you enjoy taking risks. It’s possible that there will be fewer payouts, and you may even go without winning, but when you do, the rewards are usually well worth the wait.

Consider slots like Dead or Alive, Book of Dead, or Immortal Romance, which have a high variance. Despite the fact that they are developed by different companies, they all have one thing in common that attracts risk-takers: high volatility.

These slots are not for the faint of heart, and we’re not talking about the slot themes here. Not only are they highly volatile, but they also have a satisfying RTP of more than 96 percent, indicating fair and exciting gameplay.

2. The Medium High Volatility

A particularly popular subcategory is the medium-high volatility slot group. These slots are more akin to high variance slots than medium volatility slots because of the large value wins and relatively high win frequency.

Check out Gonzo’s Quest, King Kong Fury, and Finn’s Golden Tavern if you’re looking for some of the most popular medium-high volatility slots. 

In addition, these games are still quite frustrating to play, despite having a lower variance than the legendary 300 Shields or Book of Ra Magic. However, that’s part of the appeal of medium-high variance slots: they offer highly anticipated payouts.

3. The Medium Volatility

This is most likely the most popular variance slot category among players. It’s mostly because medium variance slots combine the best features of both high and low volatility slots.

When compared to high volatility slots, they offer smaller but more frequent payouts. Unlike low variance slots, medium variance games have a much higher payout value. You also have a wide range of bonus features to enjoy, which is great news if you enjoy playing slots for fun but want to win some money.

4. The Low-Medium Volatility

Low-medium volatility slots are less risky than medium volatility slots, with lower-value win combinations and more frequent payouts. This isn’t to say that these types of slots aren’t entertaining. With these types of slots, you can have a long and enjoyable gaming session if you plan ahead.

The 1024 ways to win on the IGT Crown of Egypt, for example, is a great example of a low-to-medium volatility slot. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed slot game that requires careful budgeting to hit those bigger wins, as one would expect from a low to medium variance slot game.

5. Low Volatility

Low variance slots, in contrast to high volatility slots, offer lower payouts but at a faster rate. As a result, when playing classic slots like Starburst, Big Bad Wolf, and Blood Suckers 2, you can expect a slew of low-value winning combinations every five to ten spins on average. This is why these slots are so popular among beginners.

While larger wins are uncommon, they are not unheard of; however, they will never match the value of high variance slots. Low variance slots, on the other hand, are fast-paced and exciting, just like the frequency of their payouts. They also have their own loyal audience because they are lower-risk slots.

Now, you already understand what is slot volatility. You can try some exciting games like Fruitoids slot to get more understanding about volatility. 

Do you know what does a multiplier mean in a Casino? Well, multipliers are popular among online slot players because they have the potential to multiply winnings many times over. 

While most multipliers are between x2 and x10, some can go up to x1,000 or more! As a result, multipliers are a big draw for players who want to play slots with the most winning potential while also providing a lot of anticipation and excitement.

However, there are different types of multipliers that trigger during different parts of the slot game, in addition to different multiplier sizes. We’ll go over everything you need to know about multipliers and how they can help you win big money while playing online slots.”

What Does A Multiplier Mean in A Casino

Multipliers, as the name implies, are special features found in slot machines that have the ability to multiply your winnings by a specific amount. While they are extremely common, they are not found in every slot.

The main goal of these is to multiply your winnings by 100 or 1000 times. Furthermore, some of them may operate according to simple rules, while others may be a little more complicated. Some multipliers only appear during regular gameplay, while others only appear during Free Spins or Bonus rounds.

Some of these symbols will only multiply your winnings, while others will affect your line and total bets. Each game, like Fruitoids that you can see, has its own rules for how to use these symbols, so it’s important to know which type you’re playing.

The Bonus Game Multiplier

The multiplier is usually triggered during the bonus game in most slots with multipliers. This makes it more difficult to trigger, but the multiplier is often much higher as a result.

Certain features or symbols can be linked with bonus game multipliers. Take, for example, our slot, Razor Shark. In the bonus game, multipliers are triggered and increase as certain symbols nudge.

Let’s take a look at the various kinds of bonus game multipliers:

1. Free Spin Multiplier

Free spins multipliers are usually attached to line wins and overall wins and are triggered during the free spins game. 

Free spin multipliers have a high frequency of triggering and a large multiplier size. Combining free spins and multipliers can result in massive wins from a small stake, which is why it’s such a popular choice among developers and players.

2. Wild Multiplier

It’s not unusual to come across wild symbols that also serve as multipliers. The wild symbol will then substitute for any other symbol to form a winning line, after which the multiplier will be applied.

3. Scatter Symbol Multiplier

The collection of scatter symbols can also help to trigger a multiplier in some slots. In most cases, the scatter symbol does not need to appear on a payline to activate the multiplier; it can appear anywhere on the reels.”

What Are The Signs That A Multiplier Has Landed?

“Because slot developers know how much players enjoy multipliers, they like to make it obvious when the multiplier has been triggered when they build them into a game.

When an orb symbol lands on a specific spot in the bonus game in The Shadow Order, for example, the multiplier increases by one. When a win involving a wild occurs in Jammin’ Jars, the multiplier is attached to the wild symbols, so the symbols move and the multipliers increase. 

When more than one wild is involved in a win, the cluster win is multiplied by the total of all the multipliers attached to all of the wilds.”In the end, you already understood what does a multiplier mean. Now, you can play some multiplier games which can make you happy.

One of the most important pieces of information about a casino game for experienced slots players is its online slot RTP. The Return to Player value can assist players in predicting how much money they can expect to lose when playing a specific game.

Consider RTP to be a reverse’ House Edge. Take, for example, your favorite slot, Starburst. 

The RTP for Starburst is 96.1 percent, according to NetEnt. Using our previous analogy, this extends to a 3.9 percent ‘house edge.’ In theory, this means that players will receive 96.1 percent of their wager back.

Of course, this does not guarantee that a player will win $96.10 for every $100 wagered on Starburst. This is where the term “theoretically” comes into play. Isn’t there no point in gambling if you know what you’re getting into?.

Online Slot RTP is Calculated Over The Long-Term

Online Slot RTP is Calculated Over The Long-Term
Source: Review Fix

RTP is calculated over a long period of time rather than per wager. So, on a $10 bet, a player could walk away with an $80 profit or a bankroll that is completely depleted. Because of their RNG technology, slot games are completely random, but the Return to Player value provides a helpful indication.

So, what do high RTP slots involve? That’s a bit of an arbitrary number that varies depending on who you ask.

  • Anything with an RTP of 98 percent or higher is considered high
  • Anything between 95 and 97.99 percent is considered a mid-range or average RTP
  • RTP values of less than 94.99 percent are considered low

The Highest RTP Online Slots

These are some games which have the highest RTP in online slot machines. You can try them and see how they work. 

1. Ugga Bugga Slot

Online Slot RTP - Ugga Bugga Slot
Source: Netent Casino

The RTP is 99.07 percent. Ugga Bugga, a 2006 Playtech slot, transports us to the jungle.

Tropical fruits, tribal masks, and bongos abound on this unusual slot, which features 10 rows of three reels each, split into two groups. There are ten paylines and each reel spins independently of the others.

It has a low volatility, and the Wild symbol is the only real bonus feature, but thanks to its unique layout and high RTP, we keep coming back for more.

2. Rainbow Riches Pick Slot

Online Slot RTP - Rainbow Riches Pick
Source: The Fire Wire

Up to 98 percent RTP. This 2016 sequel to Rainbow Riches adds a slew of new bonus features that will appeal to fans of high-return-on-investment online slots. Because of the Big Bet feature, we’ve listed this one as ‘Up to 98 percent’ as you can see.

The Big Bet feature allows players to increase their wager while also triggering three bonus features, which are then applied to the next round of free spins. This is in addition to the coin wins, multipliers, and other bonuses available in Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix.

3. Mega Joker Slot

Mega Joker Slot
Source: NeonSlots

The RTP is 99 percent. Since its release in 2013, the Mega Joker slot from NetEnt has been a fan favorite thanks to its classic fruit machine style and progressive jackpot. 

Mega Joker is a simple slot machine with three reels, three rows, and five paylines, similar to the old slot machines it was influenced by.

This slot, however, has a lot more to it than meets the eye. It has a progressive jackpot in addition to a high RTP. If there’s one phrase that attracts players more than “high RTP,” it’s “progressive jackpot.”

4. Fruitoids Slot

Fruitoids Slot

The RTP for Fruitoids is 96.7 percent. It  is a 5-reel, 25-payline video slot powered by Yggdrasil Gaming software. This video slot is inspired by all of nature’s wonders. The reels are transparent and set against a green forest backdrop. 

There are seven symbols in this slot, each of which is a strange-looking fruit or plant. Try this unusual and beautiful slot for free here, or play for real money at Yggdrasil Gaming Casinos. You also can find this slot game at some popular Asian Casinos, just check them on Google using keywords such as game slot online terpercaya, Fruitoids slots free play, best online casino etc.

In the end, that is the definition and some highest online slot RTP that you can play to get money. Then, which one makes you interested to play first?.

Return to player Casino is a term used to describe the percentage of total money wagered on a particular slot or game that is returned to players over time. However, how should this influence your game choices?.

However, do you know what it is actually? Well. in this article will provide you some detailed information about it. Then, read on!. 

What Does Return to Player Casino Mean?

The term ‘Return To Player’ (RTP) is used to describe the amount of money that a casino game or casino slot pays back to its customers in an ideal world. 

It is calculated from gameplay over a long period of time and is displayed as a percentage. Importantly, RTP is the opposite of the ‘house edge,’ which is the casino’s mathematical advantage in any of their games.

In an ideal world, a player could win $/£/€100 on a single $/£/€2 spin on an online slot and cash out. The RTP for the lucky winning customer is nearly 50 times, but casinos work on long-term strategies, and most standard games have a long-term RTP of 95-97 percent. 

It means that a game will return 95 to 97 percent of every pound, dollar, or euro wagered.

How to Calculate The RTP?

Calculating the RTP of any game like in Fruitoids is simple in theory. The formula is simple: the total amount of money returned to players divided by the total amount of money gambled by players. However, RTP on online slots, for example, can be misleading because it does not indicate the probability of winning.

Things are pretty obvious in games like Blackjack, where you know you’ll win roughly half of your bets, but slots, which pay out huge jackpots, can pay out less frequently but significantly more. Nonetheless, the end result will always be the same over time, a slightly lower RTP to players than turnover.

The RTP of casino games is divided into the following:

  • 93-99 percent for online slots
  • 97.3 percent in European Roulette
  • 94.7 percent for American Roulette

Other games are more difficult to calculate because they are based on a player’s strategy. Craps has a variety of bets (with RTPs ranging from excellent to poor), and Blackjack requires a great deal of skill. 

The RTP is excellent (over 99 percent) when using a refined strategy, but a bad player who can draw on 17 when the dealer has a 6 can minimize their own RTP.

How to Apply The RTP in The Games?

The return on investment (RTI) is the lifeblood of all of the best online casinos. It’s the only way they’ll be able to make money and turn a profit. It’s a profit margin, but it’s not the same as a bookmaker’s odds percentage, despite the fact that the latter model makes it easier to explain how a profit margin is implied.

Consider this: any horse in a perfectly matched six-runner race should have a true price of 5/1. If a top bookie stakes $/£/€100 on each horse, his profit is $/£/€600, and whichever horse wins, he is paid $/£/€600. That’s a profit of 0 and an RTP of 100%.

In conclusion, Return to player Casino percentages are a signpost for the best betting value on all games and are a hugely useful tool in the arsenal of any serious online casino player. 

Finding the best games with the highest RTP is a sure-fire way to increase the chances of winning more often while also ensuring more casino play in the long run.

However, the potential of big jackpot games can be measured in RTP percentages, with lower RTP slots typically being of the ‘higher variance’ variety. If you’re looking for a big payout, you’ll probably find it on a slot with a low RTP.

It takes something special to break through in a market that has become dominated by a small number of companies. That’s exactly what’s happened at Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd in recent years, with the small development studio rising through the ranks to produce some of the most impressive slot games ever released.

It has put together a package that is winning fans among players and industry experts alike, with stunning graphics worthy of a Hollywood animation blockbuster, intelligent game features that go far beyond the standard slots structure, and strong game basics like RTP and jackpots.

The Top Games from Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd

These games are popular from the developer among the players. You can also play them and win a big amount of money. 

1. Jungle Books

Jungle Books is simply one of the best slots to have been made in recent years, based on the Rudyard Kipling classic and styled in a similar way to the various animated films of the story. The game’s graphics are stunning, and each character is excellently drawn. 

As the game progresses through different realms, the game reels shift, and different characters introduce their own bonus features and extras. This keeps the game feeling fresh even after hundreds of spins, and is undoubtedly one of the reasons why so many slot players keep returning for more.

2. Beauty and The Beast

Another classic story that has been adapted in the same way as the Jungle Books. It looks fantastic, and with the recent blockbuster remake of Beauty and the Beast, it seems like the right time for this slot to take off. 

The servant bonuses are based on three different characters, and you can often choose one or more of them to appear on the reels at any given time. This is a strong slot with decent win potential deeper quality – the best of both worlds.

3. Spina Colada

Spina Colada is a completely different game than the others, and it proves that Yggdrasil can do the basics well without relying on a complex storyline or animations. That isn’t to say Spina Colada isn’t a fantastic game; on the contrary, it is. 

It’s just that there isn’t the same level of complexity here; instead, you’ll find a solid slots game that does exactly what you want. There are four different bonus features in the game, and it has a 96.3 percent RTP, so there’s plenty of room for big wins.

4. Super Heroes

Yggdrasil’s Super Heroes is a more original concept, but it incorporates the best elements of the Jungle Books and Beauty and the Beast, as well as its own unique features. 

As part of an epic battle between good and evil, various superheroes appear throughout the game to fight it out while also helping you with the reels. 

Extra wilds, up to 50x instant wins, and free spin bonuses are all available thanks to the super hero features, which can help you build a clear blue sky with your bankroll. There’s also a good-sized jackpot here – 1,000x.

5. Vikings Go Wild

Vikings Go Wild is a Norse-themed slot, similar to some of the other hugely popular slot games of this ilk. It was one of the game titles that put Yggdrasil on the map. 

Sticky wilds, free spin bonuses, and built-in multipliers give Vikings Go Wild its advantage, making it a standout among slot machines. 

The graphics and design are a little more basic than Yggdrasil’s most recent offerings, but they’re still stunning and a worthy competitor to other games in the genre.

Then, that is a brief review of Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd games like Fruitoids. You can try them and have a chance to win big!. 

In Fruitoids slot review, it  is a game created by Yggdrasil Gaming, a well-known studio. It was released on May 15, 2018, and it quickly became a hit with players thanks to its exciting engine and fantastic artwork. 

This review goes over all of the game’s main features, which, combined with the free demo mode available on Clash of Slots, gives you a good idea of what you’ll be getting.

What kind of fruit might put some juice in your bankroll if “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? That would be a Fruitoid, according to the developer, a leading game developer.

It’s difficult to say exactly what a Fruitoid is. They’re not your typical apples and bananas; they’re vibrant, interesting, and, best of all, they’re spinning in the reels of this super slot, promising to land you a lot of money.

The Best Fruitoids Slot Review

The multi-colored fruitoids can form winning combinations across the five reels and three rows of this elegantly animated slot. 

The numbers one to twenty-five are listed along each side, and players can find out which of the many paylines is active by hovering their cursor over them, allowing them to take a bite out of the biggest cherry.

Each of the unusual fruits has a different value, ranging from twenty coins on a single payline to 500 coins on a full set. Players with keen eyes will quickly notice that the larger and rounder the fruitoid, the more valuable it is. 

This means that the enormous round purple fruit you’ll occasionally come across can award you the most valuable prize; a full screen of these will activate twenty-five paylines worth 500 coins. If 12,500 coins weren’t sweet enough, a single spin of the reels pays out 62,500 coins. Not bad for one mouse click!. 

1. The Slot Plot

If you’ve been playing online slots for a while, you’re probably familiar with Yggdrasil’s Fruitoids slot, which was one of their first releases. It is known as a game with its good return to player.

However, whether you’re an experienced player or a beginner, the updated Fruitoids online slot is better than ever! The developer team has upgraded it from Flash to HTML5 technology – can you say revamped sound and visual effects? Yes, we can!.

Fruitoids, a 25-payline online slot, was already one of the most satisfying fruit machine-style video slots on desktop and mobile, and we’re confident you’ll enjoy how the game’s stunning graphics and hypnotic soundtrack transport you to a part of the Milky Way with seriously exotic fruit.

Everyone knows they should get their five a day, but it’s slot machine will satisfy your gaming thirst with seven exotic fruits. You can get your recommended daily allowance whenever you want when you play Fruitoids slots’ 25 paylines, no matter where they are in the Milky Way galaxy. 

Because of Yggdrasil’s skilled re-mastering work, this game has evolved from its original release, containing a lot more goodness.

The original slot features, such as frozen re-spins and win multiplier columns, are still in place – it’s just that the graphics are slicker, the spinning is smoother, and the sound effects are incredible whether you’re playing Fruitoids on desktop or mobile. 

A squeezing Frutoid slot could deliver seriously fresh juice worth $125000 no matter where you are in the Milky Way.

2. The RTP, Strategy and Mobile

Fruitoids slot machine is a must-try for any mobile gamer looking for instant gratification and big payouts. 

This picture-perfect slot combines a 96.7 percent RTP with a 17 percent hit frequency, typically rewarding players who play frequently and use a high spin volume strategy per session. This game kind of has good volatility

Fruitoids slot sites accept a wide range of coin sizes, ranging from 0.01 to 6.00, giving you plenty of options for maximizing your slot budget and strategy.

3. The Ranging Bets and Juicy Jackpots

The previously mentioned in our Fruitoids slot review coin sizes of 0.01 to 6.00 translate into 25 payline bets ranging from 0.25 to 150.00 per spin. 

That means that playing Fruitoids online slot sites with a small or large bankroll has a lot of potential. The maximum payout is 62500 coins, with a 0.25 bet yielding $625 and a 150.00 spin achieving $125000. 

In the Fruitoids slots base game, there are seven fruit symbols that pay between 3-500 coins depending on the symbols matched and whether your combo contains three, four, or five icons. The highest-paying symbol is a purple exotic fruit that tastes delicious!. 

4. The bonuses in The Game (Respin, Side Wins, Column Multiplier)

Fruitoids are packed with juicy bonuses that will quench your thirst for cash when they appear.

Freeze, Respin, and Side Wins

When you spin a winning line in Frutoid slots, the winning symbols freeze and the Freeze feature is triggered; the reels then spin again with the icons frozen in place. If a new symbol of the same type appears on the re-spin, another re-spin is awarded. 

The re-spins on the Frutoids slot machine continue until no new symbols appear, resulting in a payout. During the re-spins, you can also win side payouts, which are paid out when different winning symbols appear.

Column Multiplier

You can trigger win multipliers by filling consecutive reels from the left during the Frutoids slots Freeze feature. In the Frutoids slot machine, the multiplier is equal to the number of columns filled with frozen symbols and can go up to 5x!.

5. Squeeze The Juice!

When it was first released, the Fruitoid slot machine was a hit, but you’ll love the latest update, which elevates it to one of the most popular fruity-style mobile slots. If you play its slot from 0.25 to 150.00, you could win a massive jackpot of up to $125000. 

Fruitoids slots is a summer winner thanks to its fast slick reels, bright graphics, and arcade fruity feel. Play the Frutoids slot machine on your mobile device right now for a chance to win big!. 

In conclusion of Fruitoids slot review, this is exactly the type of slot we enjoy; perhaps it’s because we’re lazy, but all you have to do is set the Autoplay (it can spin indefinitely), sit back, and enjoy the smooth, high-quality action. We like the way it looks and sounds, and we recommend it.

Who is the best poker player of all time ? Many poker players said Stuart Errol Ungar, known as Stu “The Kid” Ungar. He was born on September 8, 1953 in Manhattan, New York and died on November 22, 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a professional casino player such as poker player, blackjack and baccarat. Sometimes considered to be the best de player of all time in these three disciplines.

Who is the Best Poker Player All the Time

It starts from the best online poker is Au Poker, whether during the poker tournament or not. Inside this game can transform a dealer role that goes from player to player by turning to the right. In the real world who is the best poker player all the time that show consistent professional gambler in poker champion is Damian Salas.

He won the new world poker championship. He also show how to make money in online poker easily :

  • Do not exceed 15 to 20 minutes of play. Concentration drops rapidly.
  • Play only if you are in good shape.
  • Choose the right time and place. 
  • Always stay focused.
  • Take breaks. 
  • Play small amounts of chips.
  • Set the limits of the game for yourself.
  • No impulsivity.

Who is the Best Poker Player All the Time : See Bilzerian Makes His Fortune

However, the origin of his income remains a great mystery today. Much of his capital comes from the personal wealth of his father, Paul Bilzerjan, a businessman who specializes in corporate shopping who was convicted of tax evasion in 1988.

The Type of Pokers

Every professional gambler has to handle the different types of poker. It is because all poker have similar basic rules, such as:

  • Texas Hold’em Limit – Omaha Poker
  • Stud – Razz Poker 
  • Closed Poker – Royal, Peney Hold’em

The Rules of Poker

In general, poker, whatever the variant, a hand always consists of 5 cards. Players who wish can refuse their hands or put the cards face down. Then they won’t be able to claim the pot win. Any rejected hands cannot be returned. The basic rules of playing poker are. 

  1. Don’t play all hands
  2. Change your style of play 
  3. Determine the opponent’s playing style
  4. Pay special attention to your opponents ’reaction time
  5. Don’t bet too big

Who is the Best Poker Player : They Make Money from Poker

Actually, many professional poker players are playing as closely as possible during the early stages of a league. Many players from poker play too many hands during the early stages of a tournament, such as

  • Speed ​​up when the Antes arrive
  • A good poker is aggressive poker
  • Small Stakes with Big Chips

Make Money From Poker

No poker gamer uses the zero sum game because online poker sites and casinos take a commission on every pot or tournament entry. So there are mechanically more losers than winners in poker. However, it is possible to get a regular long-term income.

Don’t forget to choose the best time to make a pot size bet is when you feel your hand is in danger from an opponent looking for a draw. You may even want to bet more than the pot. If you want a new gambling game, you can try situs judi online.

Read More: What is Quantum Blackjack

Quantum Blackjack is a live game from Playtech that was released in 2019. Blackjack is a game that has stood the test of time. Top today it attracts thousands of players. While this card game has plenty of variants, few managed to captivate players as much as Quantum. 

Streaming quality is excellent, as expected from a developer of this caliber. If your internet connection is stable enough, you can enjoy Full HD video quality. The dealers keep the game upbeat by chatting with players and the multipliers add extra excitement.

How do you play Quantum Blackjack

Quantum Blackjack can be played with an unlimited number of players at the same time. So you never have to worry about finding a clearing. You can simply wait for a round to start, choose a coin value and place your bet.

Bets can be placed until the timer runs out. At that point, the dealer draws two cards to himself and two to the player. One dealer card is exposed and the others are dealt face down. Currently, up to three cards have multipliers applied using an RNG. You can then choose to hit, stand, split or double.

The goal is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over it. Unlike standard blackjack tables, the dealers can push if they bust with three cards. This is how Playtech funds the multipliers while keeping the payouts the same.

If you go over 21, you’re busted and lose the round. The dealer pushes if he busts with three cards. If he busts with four or more, the player wins. If neither side busts, whoever gets closest to 21 in the round wins. Reaching exactly 21 results in a blackjack win. You will then receive an extra high payout.

To Stake in Quantum Blackjack

It is possible to bet between 1 and 500 euro each round. Standard blackjack wins payout money and a 21 win will give you a 3 : 2 cash prize. You can also place an insurance bet. This bet pays 2 : 1. Bigger prizes are possible due to the multipliers and side bets.

Up to three multipliers can be chosen in one round. The value of the multipliers can be up to 10x. Which multiplier is assigned to which card depends on the RNG. So this is completely random. If you’re really lucky, you can win up to 1,000x your original stake.

Side Bets

Quantum Blackjack contains two side bets or side bets: perfect pairs and 21+3. If you bet on perfect pairs, you win if your first two cards are a pair. The maximum payout for this side bet is 25 : 1. You get this payout for a pair where both value and color match.

21+3 combines your first two cards and the dealer’s face-up card to form a three-card poker hand. The stronger the hand value, the bigger the payout. The top prize is 100:1 for this side bet. You get this payout for a suited three of a kind.

Quantum Blackjack Strategy

You can play Quantum Blackjack according to a standard basic strategy. The rules of the game have not changed. However, having an active multiplier can affect the way you play.

The main game has an RTP of 99.47%. This means that the house edge is low, just 0.53%. However, you can only rely on such a small house edge if you play the game according to basic strategy. 

However, this can be a challenge due to the tempting multipliers. Once you’ve dealt a card with a multiplier, you may want to keep it and take a risk. You may also have a tendency to split more often than you should.

The multiplication cards are random and while getting them can be a matter of luck, completing your hand should still be based on your skills. Only risk more than you normally would if you have a good reason to do so. It is better not to play the side bets too much, just like in other blackjack variants.

Quantum Blackjack Verdict

If you’re looking for a blackjack experience with a fun twist, It is a great option. This live variant adds random multipliers to random cards. This gives players the opportunity to score big payouts. 

Quantum Blackjack is played according to the basic rules of blackjack, but there is one big difference. If the dealer busts with three cards, the player does not win. Don’t hesitate to gamble at the highly trusted doaqq.

This variant is much more exciting than many other variants. The pace is quite high because you only have a limited time to place your bet. And, of course, the excitement is boosted even more by the random multipliers.

Read More: What is Lucky Days Casino

Lucky Days Casino is a new online casino founded in 2019. The casino has a varied offer of more than 1000 online games. These games are developed by well-known software developers such as Play’n Go, Red Tiger, Microgaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Quickspin and Evolution Gaming. Lucky Days is accessible both on a PC and on a smartphone, without having to download a special app or browser.

Lucky Days Casino : Game Offer

The casino has a wide range of online qq slot games such as Starburst Slot, Immortal Romance Slot, Mega Pyramid and Book of Dead Slot. Different properties apply to each game and a different strategy will suit better. Classic casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Video Poker and Caribbean Stud are also offered. 

The game portfolio of lucky days casino is divided into several categories:

New Games

Just released games can be found under New Games. The New Games category is regularly updated to reveal the most recent games to players. Especially in the field of slot games, new games are regularly released. Lucky Days Casino also focuses on games from lesser-known software developers, in order to introduce players to new games and content.

Live Casino

The Live Casino games category showcases a remarkably wide selection of live casino games, such as Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Live Three Card Poker and Live BlackJack.

Players with a preference for a live dealer and a real gaming table can try the different live stream games from the live casino 24 hours a day. For the live games you can choose from several tables with different table limits that suit the amounts you want to bet. 


The largest choice in different games can be found under the category ‘slots’. Lucky Days regularly publishes newly released slot games on the website. The slot games have different themes such as gems, fruits, joker, gods, egypt and adventure.


Under the category ‘jackpots’ you will find the slot games with a progressive jackpot. Lucky Days makes it easy for you by showing you the highest possible jackpot you can win at the moment per game.

Table Games

Table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Baccarat are under the ‘Table Games’ category.

Lucky Days Casino : Extensive Range of Bonuses

Lucky days casino provide welcome bonuses for new players. The welcome package at Lucky Days consists of four parts and amounts to a total of 1000 euros in bonus benefit, plus the necessary free spins. With your first deposit of at least 20 euros you will receive a 100% bonus.

In addition, you will receive 100 free spins on your first deposit, regardless of the amount you have deposited. If you decide to make a second deposit, Lucky Days Casino will give you a 50% bonus, up to a maximum amount of 200 euros in bonus balance.

Finally, on your third deposit you will receive a 25% bonus up to a maximum of 700 euros extra play money. Even after these bonuses, you will be eligible for loyalty bonuses, cashbacks and other rewards for loyal players from time to time.

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Who doesn’t know that video poker games are the absolute favourite online casinos in the world. The best video poker app for Android had the principle of being very easy to understand. But also because of the top chances of winning thanks to the high payout percentages. 

Therefore you have looked in detail and provided all the information about machine games. Beside that, you also find out what the payout percentages are like when you play video poker with real money. 

Best Video Poker App for Android by Category

You can find the best video poker casinos and the top games straight away. You will always find the right online casino with video poker games right away. 

In almost all online casinos you can expect a decent selection of online video poker titles. You have to tried the most interesting variants. In order to identify the best providers for you, you have created my other proven test criteria in addition to the game selection.

To ensure fair and safe games at all times, you will only find video poker casinos here that are properly licensed. Furthermore, you have their software regularly checked by independent test laboratories. Only when this basic requirement will take a closer to the payout rates and the welcome bonus.

Apart from the online slot machines, there is hardly an area in the digital gambling hall. And it offers as much variety as this type of poker game. Real video poker classics are Aces and Faces and the Wild variant. 

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Challenge from Best Video Poker App for Android

You must know the challenge from best video poker app for Android. If you playing video poker in the online casino, it means you always play against the bank with your cards. This is where this casino game differs fundamentally from traditional online poker.

All players compete against each other at the table. In addition, the question of strategy is not so important here, as there is no need to consider the cards of third parties and the associated options of other players when making your game decisions.

The video poker games presented here each offer small rule changes. Some of the titles offer you side bets and you can sometimes play multiple hands at the same time. The All Aces Poker variant, which you can try out in many of the top casinos with Microgaming software. For example, there is a particularly high payout if you have four aces in hand at the end of the game.

In addition, the so-called double feature allows you to risk your winnings again as often as you. It is like a simple risk game and to double it until the specified limit is reached. There are wild cards in the form of jokers, which are intended to help create a winning combination.

Play Video Poker App for Free

In terms of graphics and sound, the video poker slots offer solid average. This is primarily about a fast and uncomplicated gaming experience and this claim is consistently met. In order to be able to grasp the peculiarities of the individual titles quickly.

First, you have to find the right video poker bonus. You can also expect a lot of bonus offers in the top video poker casinos. It will facilitate your entry into the world of online gambling. You should make yourself aware that the digital casinos have nothing to give away before you decide on one of the offers.

Furthermore, you should always check the offers to see whether they suit your gaming taste and the betting behavior. So, it immediately makes sense that you shouldn’t necessarily prefer the video poker bonus offer with the highest bonus amount. 

If something remains unclear to you, you have to ask from customer service. Other good point of customer service is contact for all questions about bonus offers and welcome packages.

Payout Rates

There is a gratifyingly high level of transparency in online video poker casinos with regard to the theoretically expected payout rates. Manufacturers are required to publish this value for each individual game. In this context, it has become common to speak of RTP values. RTP comes from English and stands for Return to Player. The choice of playing gambling at bandarqq is very profitable.

The RTP value indicates in percent how much of the money used over a very large number of games is paid back to the players as winnings. If the payout rate of a video poker slot is 99.26%, this means in practice that with a stake of 100 euros in the long term, 99.26 euros will always be paid out again. If you want to win money at video poker, your chances are not that bad at this casino game.